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Amist International Chamber

AMIST INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER is currently the most luxurious International SPA Club in Hangzhou. when you go to the club, you’ll feel the proud of luxury and atmosphere: "Enjoy Macau amorous feelings in Hangzhou. ”The colorful and clean surf pool can relieve your tired body and mind. The fragrance of cabin sauna can let you enjoy sweat Detox and healthy fresh your sweat at the same time, with a piece of ice towels and a bottle of iced drinks. The clean and comfortable lounge, the free and delicious dining, the super clear big-screen TVs, and the free surfing allows you to enjoy a pleasant for recreation. The romantic massage room is specifically designed for your "Peach Blossom Spring",where will allow you to forget all trouble and exertion. Flourishing life comes on for you! Igniting your life's passion and dreams! In here, your beauty is together with yourhealth! Welcome to AMIST INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER !

Amist Mahjong Poker Center

AMIST MAHJONG POKER CENTRE is elegant, luxurious, comfortable, healthy and beyond consumption value here. There are 3 types of MAHJONG POKER rooms for you to choose: deluxe rooms, standard rooms, common rooms. The deluxe ones have the rest area, super clear big-screen TVs, wardrobes and toilets; The standard ones have spacious and bright interior space, but there is no separated rest area; The normal ones have less interior space, but still are very comfortable. In all, each type of the room is still good for you to choose. The mahjong machines of "bird friends" are made in Shanghai, with good feeling and fast running. When playing tired with your friends here, you can also enjoy the internal massage and SPA. So if you are the people who love life, please don't hesitate to join us !


Located on the first floor of the East annex under water platform. The pool has the size of 25 meters long and 12.5 meters wide. The deepest water level is 1.7 m, and the most shallow water is 1.1 m. The swim pool temperatures keep round 26 ℃ all year around. It's the great place for your leisure, preventing sunstroke, fitness and swimming training.

Service Time:6:30—21:30
Reservations Tel:0571-88111111-8111、8091


Located on the first floor of the East annex under water platform. The gym has the area of ​​80 square meters, with 10 kinds of fitness equipment, including cardio equipment such as treadmills, walking machines, recumbent bicycles, motorcycles without backrest. The anaerobic exercise control equipment has 6 kinds such as pectoral muscle exerciser, thigh exerciser, small birds exerciser. The locker room is offered with 24-hour hot water showers, steam room, toiletries, towels, bath towels, etc.You can enjoy your spare time with sweat detoxification and physical fitness freshness.

Service Time:6:30—21:30
Reservations Tel:0571-88111111-8111、8091

Table Tennis Room

Billiards Room

Beauty Salon