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Hotel Introduction

Wonders of the first Qiantang River tide, the only one Chinese Go culture hotel in the world, Hangzhou Tianyuan Tower Hotel is a theme hotel with rich Chinese Go culture features. It’s located at the junction of the world famous Qiantang River and the Grand Canal. It’s only 4.5 km far from West Lake, which is the pilot project of Hangzhou Qianjiang new CBD. The hotel is the membership of Hangzhou Tourism Group, the important part of Chinese Go Hangzhou branch by the head of propaganda Department of CPC Hangzhou. The hotel is being declared to Five-star hotel of national characteristics of Zhejiang Province, and one of the King-class hotel of the first cultural theme, with the business reception of international domestic of various Chinese Go competition, training, information activities as well as government agencies, enterprises, institutions, conferences, accommodation, meals, etc.

Tianyuan Tower Hotel has the investment and construction covering an area of 4 thousand square meters, construction area of 6 million square meters, and building high of 145 meters, totally of 35 floors. The hotel has nearly 54 rooms with the currently highest revolving restaurant in Hangzhou, which affords the buffet featuring of world cuisine. The 29F Tianyuan 29 Restaurant is featured of the first professional sea cucumber cuisine cooking Club in Hangzou City. The 3F I-GO Restaurant and the 6F Yi-House Banquet Hall can accommodate 400 people each, and also hold small gathering of 100 people. The 5F Conference Center is equipped with dozens of different standard meeting rooms. The 2F Water-overview Landscape Garden outdoor is a great place to admire the view of Qianjiang tide.

Staying in Tianyuan Tower Hotel, you can discover the charm of Chinese Go in spare time, tasting the beauty of Chinese Go, feeling the deeply artistic conception of Chinese Go culture.


Tianyuan Tower Hotel is located on No.2 Qian Chao Road Qianjiang New City, Jiang Gan District. It lies to the west of Qiantang River and the terminal of Jinghang Grand Canal is in the north. It is 4.5 kilometers away from the center of the city and the West Lake. The distances to Hangzhou Railway Station and Xiao Shan International Airport are 4 kilometers and 18 kilometers

Address: No.2 Qianchao Road, Qianjiang New CBD, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.
Post Code:310020

Hotel culture

Hotel culture

1. Core Values
Honesty, Dedication, Gratitude and Repayment
We provide satisfaction and surprise services to the expectations and needs of the guests.
2. Team Spirit
Dedication, Cooperation, Innovation and High Efficiency
3. Management Guidelines
Unify of thoughts, understanding, commands and actions
4. Service Tenet
Welcome and see off the guests between day and night, we make them feel valued reception with ladies and gentlemen's character.
Morality formed in the mind and soul. Politesse performed in appearances. All services come from the heart.

18 rules and advice of the hotel management and service concepts

1. The most important word is not "me", but "we".
2. All work results will not appear in the anticipation, but during the examination.
3. Maintaining professional sensitivity of timely and effective response on every occasions and jobs.
4. Difficulties should not be an excuse to evade or prevaricate, you must face up to and resolve it; Looking for reasons to justify is the easiest thing in the world and will make you addicted to it and eventually erode your body and mind.
5. Any instructions, tasks, requirements, ideas or even dreams must be achieved by fast follows. Immediate action shows almost all of your ability and personality. Procrastination means self-indulgence.
6. Only the numbers are perfect. Whether it is operational or transactional, you can find the basis for analysis and problem-solving by learning to measure and guide our work with the relationships between mathematics and logic.
7. All systems and procedures are formal and will be just systems and procedures without the best executions, flexible and personal commitment of all members.
8. Our products can't be copied, stored and reproduced, so we have to use every inch of space and every day to create revenue. At the same time, we should focus on designing and collective packing our products systematically.
9. Even though our environmental conditions are not taking any advantage compared with our peers, please still remain the devotion. You can choose to leave, but if stay you must understand that your responsibility is not complaining or wait-and-see but trying to make her more glamorous and highlight her characteristics.
10. The guests pay their money and we show our values. We need to reflect our work every day if it is beyond guests' expectations and make them overjoyed or not.
11. Only adapting and satisfying consumers' demand is not enough. The successful marketing principle is just trying to guide and create guests' potential desires for consumption.
12. We should thank for the guests' judges and complains which are exactly leading to what we need to be improved but not yet found or used to be. Maintaining consistent quality of service is the responsibility of every department and every employee.
13. Employee's attitudes and potential are far more important than his experience. It's one of our missions to keep discovering, directing, training, and enabling the successors of the future.
14. It's the ultimate source of power of achieving management goals to let primary staff understand, participate in and devote themselves with all their heart. The employees are far more passionate, sapiential, and have more strong wills to make innovative development than we can imagine.
15. Helping each other among different departments and posts is the foundation for the success of every task. You should get the work decomposed into each of the smallest units and keep yourselves prepared for any emergency.
16. Everything can be improved, enhanced and refined and it should be maintaining a firm attitude, continuous cycle and never ending. For individuals, you need to focus on the knowledge update in the new economical and technological era and should try to get rid of bad habits such as Self-righteousness, exaggerating, and lockstep.
17. We should effectively plan and manage our time. Time is the cost, which is the most expensive non-renewable resources, any luxury goods can't be compared with it. We can't afford it, much less wasting it. In the meanwhile, time is the biggest opponent that we have to face.
18. Repeat: At any time, any place and under any conditions, the hotel staff must always remember that the most important word is not "me", but "we". This industry requires us to serve the guests humbly together, and create joy for our guests to experience the infinite value. At the same time with no doubt, this industry has made greatest employees' dedication in all occupations! ---We are so proud of ourselves!

Chinese Go Culture

Tianyuan Tower Hotel relies on traditional Chinese Go culture as the foundation. The entire building is a Go Museum with high quality and compatibility of values handed down, which arising the elegance of Chinese Go culture from each corner. The fountain pool in front of the square is composed of a large carved white marble Go jar and 5 black and white I-GO pieces; The revolving restaurant at the top of the building is like a big Go jar stands high in the sky; The garden on the lawn is full of classic Chinese Go games; There are a museum and a library of Chinese Go culture exhibition places in the building; The room area of each floor has a different arrangement of Go and culture-themed atmosphere, famous through paintings, real celebrity photos, works of art, etc., which shown one by one. Even the balconies, conference hall names are allusions to the Chinese Go stories, with illustrated, lively, and highly ornamental values.

Going into Tianyuan Tower Hotel, you can see at a glance the staff clothing, brand name reflects a distinct Chinese Go culture elements; If you go to the I-GO Restaurant, you may also enjoy the Go culture dishes such as "West Lake Go Shadow", "Go Happiness", "Go Victory", "Tianyuan Go Playing World", and so on. Altogether, Tianyuan Tower Hotel layout of the environment as well as the services the whole Chinese Go culture features, and form to be a unique Go culture complex in China and even around the world.