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Lobby Bar

The Lobby Bar is on the first floor with 50 seats. It mainly deals in famous Chinese and western tea, instant coffee, famous wines, and western cakes. It is the best place for leisure gatherings and business negotiations.

Service Time: 08:00—23:00
Reservation Tel.:0571-88111111-7701

I-GO Restaurant

It’s on the third floor with over 500 seats and 14 boxes which are all designed by famous designers. It mainly specializes in rivers, lakes and fresh dishes of Qiantang River, featured with Zhejiang Hangzhou local cuisine. The dishes will certainly give you a refresh feeling that you never felt.

Service Time: 11:00—13:3017:00—21:00
Reservation Tel.:0571-88111111-7707、7708

I-GO Deluxe Box

There are 14 deluxe boxes on the third floor. Chinese GO culture is the main subject with special style and elegant environment. Every box is named by a historical story or be designed and arranged as the center, which are allusions to the Chinese Go stories, with illustrated, lively, and highly ornamental values.

Service Time: 11:00—13:3017:00—21:00
Reservation Tel.: 0571-88111111-7707、7708

YIFU Banquet Hall

Located on the sixth floor of the East annex, with the total area of ​​510 square meters. It can accommodate 300-400 people and different sizes of large conferences and weddings. It is equipped with 20 square LED display, live video and audio broadcast systems, multimedia projection systems, wired network, wireless WIFI coverage and so on.

Tianyuan Liao Cucumber Restaurant

Tianyuan Liao Cucumber Restaurant is located on the 29th floor. It’s the first professional restaurant and health club. The restaurant employ senior Chaozhou chefs, who specializes in production of Kanto cucumber, Kansai cucumber, Dalian cucumber, and live sea cucumber, coupled with private kitchens and Hangzhou fine cuisine. The restaurant has five different style boxes, each one with overlooking the junction of rivers and the entire Hangzhou landscape.

Service Time: 11:30—14:0017:00—21:30
Reservation Tel.: 0571-88111111-7729

Revolving Western Restaurant

Located on the 34th floor, 120 seats with 360°Panorama. It provides self-service breakfast with combination of Chinese and Western food; The lunch includes the packages and single food with different cuisines of the world (Italian, French, American, Southeast Asian flavor), together with the coffee shop characteristics of all kinds of fancy coffee, tea, drinks. The dinner buffet here is better suited to meet relatives and friends of the family, as well as elegant dinners, unique 360° rotating panoramic visual enjoyment. while watching qianjiang new beauty of Qiantang River, you can taste the authentic mellow France wine and world flavor cuisine.

Service Time: Breakfast06:30—09:30Lunch11:30—14:00Dinner17:00—21:30
Reservation Tel.:  0571-88111111-7777、7778