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Conference Service Features

Service types: business conference, board meeting, union meeting, year-end celebration, government meetings, business dinners, etc.

Products and services: provides the whole Conference audio/visual services, such as video conference, meeting recording, meeting materials preparing, CD &DVD making, etc. In addition, according to the special needs of the business group, we provide VIP escorts, VIP reception, customer's birthday celebration, conference travel and other services; We also provide the whole English, Japanese, Korean translation or interpretation services.

Offering all kinds of cocktails, buffet and conference coffee-break services.

Conference Service Centre

Conference butler is a professional service team to resolve all requirements of the meeting organizer.

The conference service manager (Conference Butler) is a executive commissioner and agent to connect with meeting customers or banquet services (such as conference table design, room and F&B service convergence, making supplies and all the Conference secretarial services, also provide conference secretary, banquet secretary, tour secretary, business secretary, negotiation secretary and legal advisor.)

Whole art design supplies for the conference (for example, background design, banners, seat labels, flowers)

Providing tour services, specially yacht tour of appreciating the night view of Qiantang Rive, Jinghang Grand Canal cultural tour, watching August 15 Qianjiang Tide, West Lake tour, Hangzhou Bay Bridge tour, fireworks- watching over Qiantang River, etc.

Business Service tariff

Service Items Price
Facsimile RMB/Page
Local 5.00
Domestic 8.00
International 15.00
In-coming 2.00
Free of charge for In-house Guest
Telecommunication RMB
Local Call 1.00/3 min
DDD Call 1.00/1 min
IDD Call Tel Charge + 15% Surcharge
Photocopy RMB/Page
A4 Size 2.00
A4 Ticker Size 3.00
A3 Size 3.00
Double-sided photocopy will be charged as 2 page
Printing RMB/Page
A4 Laser Printing 8.00
A4 Color Printing 15.00
A4 paper Printing 15.00
A3 Laser Printing 10.00
A3 Color Printing 20.00
Internet Service RMB
Desktop Computer 30.00/30 min
Laptop Computer 100.00/ hour(Deposit ¥5000)
Others RMB
Scanning 10.00/Page
Plastic file holder 15.00/Page
Binding Service 30.00/20 Page
Word Processing 40.00/ Page
Courier Service 商务价格 + 15%服务费务费
Film Printing 商务价格 + 15%服务费务费
Translation Service 商务价格 + 15%服务费(需提前预约)
Blank A4 Paper 50.00/Pack

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